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What Is Fleck Water Softener?

Image Credit: http://www.flecksystems.com/fleck-systems/water-softeners/1-5-water-softeners/fleck-9500-twin-alternating-water-softener-up-to-66-gpm.html

Image Credit: http://www.flecksystems.com/fleck-systems/water-softeners/1-5-water-softeners/fleck-9500-twin-alternating-water-softener-up-to-66-gpm.html

Water is one of the most valuable resources known to man. We simply cannot exist without it. But due to urbanization as well as the rapid influx of humans living in the cities, access to clean water is not the way the way as it seems as our fresh water systems have been polluted. In other words, most of the water sources we have today are contaminated with foreign residues that can be harmful to our health and can also affect the way we live in a negative way. Hence, we need to filter out these contaminants with a use of a device. And these can be done efficiently with a use of a water softener.

In simple terms, a water softener is type of a device that is used to remove any water sediments like calcium and magnesium to enhance the quality of the liquid and make it safe for human consumption. The process of filtration enables the water to be ‘soft’. Such water treatment is very common nowadays that most residential establishments in the United States have it.

Soft water is recommended to be used during clean-up as it has more advantages over regular tap water (hard water). For instance, it can help us soften our skin and keeps our hair from being dry. Aside from that it also has the ability to clean stuff more effectively such as clothes and dishes and in the process reduces the lime scale/calcium buildup on household appliances like washing machine, dishwasher, and any other devices that uses water for cleaning. Having a water softener can significantly improve the way you live today. So it is recommended that a Fleck Water Softener should be installed in your home today.



About The Brand

Image Credit: http://www.prowatersoftenerreviews.com/fleck-water-softener-reviews/

Image Credit: http://www.prowatersoftenerreviews.com/fleck-water-softener-reviews/

Fleck is one of the premier water softener brands we have today. They manufacture high quality water softener devices and filtration applications that you can use for many years without the need for servicing. This reputable brand is owned by the Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC. and their company has been in the business for over 40 years.

The Fleck water softener offers a wide variety of units to soften water to its purest form, but these product falls under these 2 types: the Fleck mechanical line of water softeners and the advanced Fleck electronic line of water softeners.

A Fleck mechanical water softener is also called as ‘metered water softener’ and ‘demand water softener’. These devices use a meter initiated control to generate the required volume of softened water as needed. The set capacity of these devices is usually in gallons. The advantage of having a Fleck mechanical water softener in your homes is it will allow you to save both on water and salt as the device will on regenerate the demand softener as needed compared to the time initiated controls.

On the other hand, a Fleck electronic water softener has metered controlled valve that will control the set capacity of the device in gallons. The countdown is displayed through a LCD screen. Through this screen, the homeowner can conveniently adjust the volume of water to be regenerated and it is also beneficial compared to time initiated controls.

For many years, Fleck Water Softeners often receive high remarks from its users due to effectiveness in removing calcium and magnesium deposits which are usually responsible for creating a lot of problems in most residential water sources across the United States. They consistently deliver high quality water to all its consumers. That’s why these products are highly respected all throughout the country and in some countries around the world.



Benefits Of Using Fleck Water Softener

Here are some of the awesome benefits you can get when you use the Fleck Water Softener in your homes:

Image Credit: http://www.watersoftenercenter.com/fleck-water-softener-reviews/

Image Credit: http://www.watersoftenercenter.com/fleck-water-softener-reviews/

Ease of use – Each of the Fleck water softening products is designed to be user-friendly. The features of these products often include electronically operated powerhead and push buttons for effortless programming. Now you don’t have to worry about any improper configuration every time you soften water as your unit is specifically designed to be used conveniently.

Easy installation – All Fleck water softening products are fully assembled upon delivery. It also comes with a handy instructional video which will guide you step by step through the entire installation and plumbing process if you are going to do this on your own. Of course, you can always choose to hire a service man to do these steps for your own convenience.

Eco-friendly – The entire treatment process of softening water is 100% safe and environment friendly. From the individual parts to the filters used, all of the components are guaranteed safe because they are made from eco-friendly materials. This is a big plus since you are also doing something good for the environment as you go and improve your lives by using this product. Apart from that, having a water softener in your homes will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that is normally released in the air. This amount of harmful gas you remove is equivalent to the amount of smoke emitted by an SUV in a year!

Image Credit: http://www.ebay.com/

Image Credit: http://www.ebay.com/

Parts are always available – The good thing about Fleck products is they are popular. And because of this, any parts and accessories of their water filtration systems are always available and very easy to find whenever you need them. Though repairs are usually rare, there are still unavoidable instances where the device needs to be fixed. And fixing the product may involve some parts to be replaced. Good thing you can easily locate these products at different supply stores in your locale or order it online as well.

Affordable prices – Fleck offer different kinds of products that also come with different configurations to meet your every need. And the good thing about this is they are all affordable. So you’ll surely find a product that’s right within your budget.

Cleans effectively – Softened water enables your glass and silverware to shine flawlessly. No need to use special cleaners.

Cleaner feel – Having this product will improve the way your hair and skin looks. Not only will they look fair and clean, but they will also feel soft and clean as well.

Richer lather on soaps and shampoos – Your cleaning essentials like soaps and shampoos will now produce a richer lather because their effects are thoroughly enhanced by the softened water and in the process enabling you to use less of these products by 75%. In turn, this will also allow you to save money by not buying these bath essentials more often than the usual.

Reduces cleaning time by half – Our cleaning time is dramatically cut in half as we don’t have to deal with soap residues or calcium build-up and spend most of the time scrubbing the affected surface until they are removed. Now we can have more time to do other things just by having a Fleck water softener in your house.

Softer fabrics – Softened water will also allow your clothes and other fabrics to be softer since no hard minerals are trapped in them. These minerals are sometimes responsible for ruining the quality of our clothes, making them appear rugged and unclean. So it helps if you can remove these residues effectively because this will make your white clothes appear whiter and your other fabrics to look like new. Moreover, soft water can also help extend the life of your clothes. This will be great on your part since you can now save the money that you usually allot for new clothes and that’s because you simply made a decision to go for a positive change today.

Image Credit: http://ahamverifide.org/

Image Credit: http://ahamverifide.org/

Better performance of house appliances – Fleck products also contribute to the longevity and the better performance of some of the home appliances we have. Now the coffee maker will be able to produce flavorful coffee, the ice make will be able to create rock solid ice that don’t melt easily, the dishwasher will be able to clean dishes spotlessly, and the washing machine can now clean clothes more efficiently. Apart from that, these devices will be able to serve use longer because of the absence of calcium and water build-up.

WQA Approved – Water Quality Association or WQA is a non-profit organization that ensures the quality of water being used in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Any product bearing their seal of approval is a verification that this merchandise complies with all the standards they uphold for the benefit of the public.

Fleck water softener and all of the water purification products under this brand are WQA approved. This is a guarantee that all of their products are trusted by this association and are assured to deliver to highest quality of soft water for general use.



Price Range Of Water Softener Systems

Image Credit: http://www.midatlanticwater.net/shop/water-softeners/fleck-9100sxt-twin-tank

Image Credit: http://www.midatlanticwater.net/shop/water-softeners/fleck-9100sxt-twin-tank

A standard water softener system may cost around a couple of hundreds to $2000. The difference in price is often attributed to the model of the unit as well as the various features that came along with these units. Advanced units or those which often come with electronic features are normally priced around $700 and up while the lesser versions are priced around $300 – $600.

On the other hand, fleck water softener replacement parts normally cost around $5 – $500. Smaller parts are priced below the hundred while bigger components like the valve digital meter and the valve dual tank replacement will cost around $200 – $700.




Without a doubt, the Fleck Water Softener is a great product for softening H2O. This product is in rotation for the past 40 years and such information can say a lot of things when it comes to the quality of the product and the reputation of the company.

The price aspect of the product is relatively reasonable compared to its counterparts. Therefore, we can also say that you can definitely get our money’s worth every time you use it.

Moreover, the Fleck Water Softener is indeed very useful from the configuration level to the overall effects in changing the way we live for the better. Hence, we recommend that every home in the U.S. should have this product today.