Brine Tank Maintenance

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The brine tank is a necessary component for water softeners to soften water. It is where the salt solution is placed and therefore it would be helpful for us to know how to maintain it properly. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the common questions regarding brine tank maintenance so that water softener owners like you will be able to keep this part of the device in good working condition always and ensure that the quality of soft water being produced is really up to the standards which you have set.

How frequent should you add salt?

Over time, the brine needs to be replenished with a good supply of salt. And the amount of salt to be added is actually based on these factors: the size of the tank, the number of inhabitants living in your house, the hardness of water in your area, and the amount of water consumed.

For instance, a family of four will most likely consume small quantities of water in a day which will then cause the device to recharge not very often. Hence, you don’t need to add salt frequently. And if you’re still not sure about this, just go to the valve control panel in your device as it will indicate how often the water softener should regenerate and just salt when the previous supply is all used up.

How much salt will you need?

Ideally, brine tanks should be filled with salt regenerant at least a quarter of its size and it should be no more than 4 to 6 inches from the top portion of the tank to ensure optimum efficiency.

Make it a point to maintain this distance on top and loosen up any salt formations which are commonly found at the edges of the tank. If you experience bridging (formation of salt into 1 large mass), all you need to do in removing this heap of salt is by pouring hot water until the mass is soft enough to break down on its own.

Moreover, when adding new salt pellets be sure to break up large pieces of salt so it can be easily dissolved to the brine.

What is the ideal salt consumption of my water softener?

How much salt is consumed usually depends on the size of the entire Fleck water softener system as well as the amount of water consumed in the household. If the device is appropriately sized according to the needs of the family, then it will use about 10 pounds of salt/week. That is, 40 to 50 pounds of salt in a month.

Should my tank contain water at all times?

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A brine tank must contain gallons of water at the bottom to function properly, but the level of water should always be maintained at the proper distance along with the salt pellets (as indicated above). It is highly recommended to check the salt level in the brine at least once a month regardless of the amount of soft water being produced. Obviously, the more frequent the system recharges the media beads, the more often you need to check the salinity of the water in the tank.

Additional Tips:

– Be sure to read the product manual so you can familiarize yourself with the product’s specific features.

– Make sure to only use high grade water softener salt pellets so you won’t compromise the quality of soft water you are going to use.

– Check the control valve so you can guess (at least) when’s the right time to check your brine tank for maintenance.

– Consult an expert or a local plumber to know more about the proper care and maintenance of your product.